test specimen

LTS-BASE® specimen
Transition basis line adhesive basis

To balance tolerances within a milling machine the CAM software often uses measurements removing additional material either from all surfaces of the adhesive body or only from the cavity. These corrections are absolutely necessary to achieve an acceptable fitting at the abutment. However, these corrections may result in inaccuracies in the transition between basis line and adhesive line or at the whole surface in some CAM modules. In order to present a perfect product in all fields we created various libraries that avoid the measurements and thus the above mentioned inaccuracies.

To find the right library we designed five test bodies enabling you to find the matching library for your machine.

Please, download the STL files from our homepage to your CAM software. Please, pay attention to the following items:

  • 1. Apply the same milling strategy as you will later do when applying the libraries. It should be a strategy that does not use measurements.

  • 2. As angulated screw channels are used with LTS-BASE® the direction of the channel and the insertion axis are not identical. For this reason the insertion axis has to be adjusted manually. Adjust the test bodies and later the adhesive bodies in such a way that there will be, when looking vertically to the ronde, no undercuts.
  • LTS-BASE® specimen
    Test body adjusted to drilling direction. Marked in red: undercuts

    LTS-BASE® specimen
    Correctly positioned test body

  • 3. Plane surfaces fitted to the 4 sides of the test bodies are used as reference planes to control the accuracy of your machine. The test bodies should have a width of 5mm and a length of 6 mm. To check this it is not allowed to put any connectors on these planes.

  • Now you choose the library with the number of the best LTS-BASE® fitting test body for premolars, and send a request to us. The test bodies are marked in Braille:
    LTS-BASE® Specimen
                   Specimen Nr. 1
    LTS-BASE® Specimen
                   Specimen Nr. 2
    LTS-BASE® Specimen
                   Specimen Nr. 3
    LTS-BASE® Specimen
                   Specimen Nr.4
    LTS-BASE® Specimen
                   Specimen Nr.5
    Manual Specimen

    download manual (just german)

    Here, download the test bodies as EXE.
    Here, download the test bodies as ZIP.
    Here, download 7zip to be able to open the files.