All-on-4™ / All-in-one-day

The All on 4&#8482 concept was developed for patients with edentulous jaws. This concept allows an efficient and comfortable care. According to NobelBiocare this concept offers you the following advantages:

  • 4 implants are only placed (per jaw)
  • You get your dentures on the same day
  • You can load your new teeth immediately
  • Your palate is and stays free
  • The comprehensive care is cheaper than conventional cares

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The ALL-IN-ONE-DAY concept with LTS-BASE®

Since LTS-BASE® offers completely designed hybrid-abutments it is possible to insert a provisoric tooth crown at a recently inserted implant on the same day. It should not come into contact with the oppositing jaw. Precondition for this, however, is a stable bone.
This procedure may reduce the number of medical cares by 50 per cent at best.

For further information check out the One Abutment – The 1st Time concept from Abutments4life.

Hybrid-abutments from LTS-BASE®

The All-IN-ONE-DAY concept is compatible to all common implant systems.