shaping soft tissue

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Case 1 - Molar Lower jaw with bone augmentation

LTS-BASE-Initial Situation
Initial Situation
LTS-BASE-Initial Situation (orally)
Initial Situation (orally)
LTS-BASE- periodontal defect bone augmentation with bone lamina
State after periodontal defect
bone augmentation with bone lamina

LTS-Ti-Base-State after bone augmentation
State after bone augmentation
LTS-BASE-Healed-soft tissue
Healed soft tissue

LTS-Ti-Base-x-ray image
x-ray image

In this case the application of a UK-Molar-Inverse would have been better but at that time a titanium adhesive base was not yet available.
Cf:Molar Inverse (LJ)

Case 2 - Molar Upper jaw

Unprepared adhesive base (8 week)
LTS-Ti-Base-state-after-bone augmentation
Prepared adhesive base (8 week)

LTS-BASE-Removed Abutment
Removed Abutment (8 weeks)
Unprepared adhesive base (8 week)
LTS-BASE-soft tissue-healed
Prepared adhesive base (8 week)