As safe and easy as possible!

LTS-BASE Titan base Comparison On this site we want to show you a unique comprehensive conception of angulated hybridabutments and a pioneering screw. Our aim was to build the world´s best body section for implants, which are highly economical and which can easily be put into practice by implantologists alike.

A development taken from practice for use in practice

Defective casting/moulding at implant level should no longer be required. We wanted to save up to three treatment appointments. In this process the soft tissue stability and esthetics of the previously available abutments could largely be improved.

Mechanical and biological long-term stability

The LTS-BASE® is the result of our development. The meaning of LTS is long-term stable The long-term adhesive abutment, with regard to both esthetics and mechanics. It is the first adhesive abutment with an angulated screw channel, omega-design and an innovative plasma coating basal surface world wide.

Esthetics & functionality

Healing caps which may be intra-orally shortened and adapted to the tooth shape, as well as similar prefabricated adhesive bodies in different gingival heights are responsible for healing the soft tissue in the same time the implant needs for osseointegration. So, the “One Abutment – the first time” conception can be moved up to the time of implantation.